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Perspex Laser Cutting Services Sydney

Precision, efficiency, and quality go into our custom laser cut Perspex sheets

Lasercut Plastics & Fabrication uses advanced technology to laser cut Perspex sheets and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) up to 30mm thick. We offer tailored cut to size services throughout Sydney, with the maximum dimensions available at 2500mm x 1600mm. Because we use laser cutting techniques and high quality sheet materials, you can be confident your Perspex sheet will be left with a safe, polished edge.

Our experienced team supplies premium products for a wide range of industries throughout Sydney, inclusive of the retail sector across Australia. This includes our custom cut to size panels in all manner of shapes, such as letters, numbers and more. There are no limitations when it comes to laser cutting – it cuts fast, precise, and with detail.

We also laser etch acrylic from any type of file or photo. This technique enables every detail to be etched which results in an effective and unique display.

Trust the industry leader in creating quality-made Perspex sheets. Contact us today on 02 9793 8944, get an online quote using the button at the top of your screen, or browse through our gallery of past products to see an example of what we can do for you.

See our video for a demonstration of the efficiency and precision of our laser cutting Perspex in Sydney